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RELEASE: Jackson County Democratic Committee Statement on 2022 Primary Results

For Immediate Release August 2, 2022

Contact: Forrest Richardson, Executive Director


Jackson County Democratic Committee Statement on 2022 Primary Results

As election returns are nearly complete this evening, the Jackson County Democratic Committee released the following statements by Chairwoman Dee Evans, Congressman Emmanuel Cleaver, County Executive Frank White, 9th District State Senator Barbara Washington, 35th District State House Representative Keri Ingle, and the Democratic nominee for Jackson County Legislature 1st District Manny Abarca

Jackson County Democratic Committee Chairwoman Dee Evans:

“Now that the results are coming in and all of the primary votes have been cast, we are turning our attention to November. We have one of the most diverse and talented slates in the history of the Jackson County Democrats, and I am excited to stand with our candidates as we fight for better wages, affordable healthcare, and reproductive rights for the people of Jackson County. We have a lot of work to do before November, and that work starts now.”

Congressman Emanuel Cleaver (MO-5):

“As with all elections, we have our preferred candidates. Collectively, as Democrats, we must come together and support our nominees as we campaign together for the November general election.”

Jackson County Executive Frank White:

"Serving Jackson County has been one of the great honors of my life, and I am ecstatic once again to accept the Democratic nomination for County Executive. It is critical that we continue the work we are doing in Jackson County to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic - by investing in programs like Our Healthy KC Eastside to address healthcare inequities - and do everything within our power to protect women's reproductive rights. Electing Democrats up and down the ballot in November is essential to keep Jackson County moving in the right direction, and I thank the voters for having confidence in my administration."

Senator Barbara Washington (SD-9):

“Today’s election is a defining moment in our history. It’s crucial that we select candidates who stand for us and recognize our values of reducing crime, better education, affordable housing, and better wages. We will make that case to the voters and encourage them to vote for the right choice for our community in November.”

State Representative Keri Ingle (HD-35):

“Democrats stand for working people – living wages, healthcare, good schools, public safety, and individual freedom. This Republican Party wants to kill wages, increase corporate profits, control who you marry, control your body, defund public schools, and overthrow elections. The choice has never been more stark.”

Jackson County Legislature 1st District Nominee & JCDC Ward 12 Committeeman Manny Abarca:

“It is clear local Republicans are using national talking points to distract from their lack of real experience for the job and the true issues affecting everyday Jackson Countians. Their strategy is to ‘cut’ when we need to build and grow. We have many challenges ahead, but this renewed group of young, progressive, and bold leaders will take the reins and drive accountable, transparent, and efficient change. I am proud to be a part of this needed transition.”


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